Jaw Joint Disorders

Jaw joint disorders

JOURNAL JOINT (Temporomandibular joint) DISEASES and BRUKSIZM

Temporomandibular joint disorders; complicated disorders involving chewing muscles, TME and adjacent tissues, pain, limitation in jaw movements, coordination defects and sounds coming from the joint. Bruksizm is one of the most important factors that cause these disorders, and the stress that builds up throughout the day arises asleep. The person tightly closes the jaws or moves the teeth by sliding them on top of each other. This habit causes the teeth to become worn or broken, to gum and bone loss, to have warm and cold sensitivity, to head, neck, ear and back pain, to limit the amount of mouth opening or not at all, to feel touch at the joint site or to hear pain or while eating coming clicking noises.
Treatment; transparent splits are prepared in various thicknesses depending on the level of the problem, suitable for the teeth, taking the size of the teeth. Nutrition with a soft diet is recommended, moist heat is applied. Pain reliever and muscle relaxant medication is applied. In addition to these treatments, invasive treatment methods can be applied according to the type and level of the disorder. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons determine the treatment procedures.

Dentist Seda Deniz Kalkan

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