Dental Prosthesis

Dental Prosthesis

Prosthesis is the dental field where artificial teeth are placed instead of missing teeth. Fixed or moving prosthesis are made according to the number of missing teeth, missing teeth and the condition of surrounding tissues. By applying an implant, with a correct evaluation, both fixed and mobile prosthesis can be made. Immediately after a short period of dental defects come into play, it is absolutely necessary to make a prosthesis. Because after the teeth have been lost, the remaining teeth may be spaced, extended, and later difficult to correct.Regular dental surveillance is very important after prostheses are made.

Fixed prostheses; can not be removed by patients, fixed to the existing teeth are fixed prostheses. There are varieties. It is decided by dentist to do which one. When the crowns are applied in excessively dilapidated teeth, and according to the situation, the root treated teeth; bridges are used to fill the void in one or two tooth deficiencies. The crowns and bridges are usually made of porcelain superstructure. For the base metal alloy or zirconium is used. Only a porcelain crowns can be made for the aesthetic purpose in the front region (empress). The lamina, which is applied to the front surface of teeth only, is a fixed prosthesis. All fixed prostheses can not be removed, so care must be taken in their cleaning.

Removable dentures; prosthesis made from acrylic that patients can insert and remove. While moving teeth are used, for tooth selection, porcelain or acrylic teeth are used in the front teeth and acrylic teeth are used in the back teeth. Removable dentures can be supported with teeth or implants. Movable prosthesis, which is applied by making some teeth crowns, where the crocheds are not visible, is also known as sensitive retaining prosthesis. If the disease is completely toothless, a total prosthesis is made. If a complete toothless or partial toothless patient does not want to use a moving prosthesis, and the jawbone is appropriate, can make implant and the patient can use a fixed prosthesis.

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